Showcasing a CX platform as an enterprise solution


Visual Design


Product Website


Highlighting the key purposes and benefits of a CX platform

Get Feedback, a subsidary of Survey Monkey, aimined to reposition the brand as a solution for larger companies. Working with a team of designers, we centered the key components of the platform with intentional imagery, while educating users on how collecting feedback improves their business. Stylistically, we utilized Get Feedback’s bold green and abstract elements to nod to the company’s cutting edge, ever evolving technology that moves with the speed of customers. Personally, I was responsible for designing pages and assets across the site, as well as communicating with the development team for a smooth site launch.

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Humanizing the customer experience

Throughout the site, large isolated imagery of CX experts interacting with customers demonstrated both the efficiency and quick response time made possible with Get Feedback.



Using dynamic product UI elements to highlight key features

On product pages, we focused on specific feedback, customer interactions, and insights that Get Feedback offers to small and large businesses. With the use of abstract elements and patterns, the imagery both showcases the product, while still expressing the future-forward brand. Testimonials are also featured throughout the site to provide both context and credibility to the tool.


Informing businesses on CX terminology 

To provide further context, specific pages were dedicated to walking businesses through the various types of feedback potential or current clients can collect with Get Feedback as well as their purpose. Clear content and dedicated graphics were designed to walk users through new material in a straightforward manner.